Saturday, August 02, 2008

Getting Fat and Things

Boy oh Boy, Getting this middle age thing sucks, when they say your stomache muscles don't work like they used to, they aren't kidding. I've lost weight but I still have the "ponch" well Thank God I don't have that other guy stuck down there too! Going to a bunch a concerts soon, clearing some " old garbage" from my soul too. Time to delete the shit that holds us back and strive ahead. Of course this is because I'm listening to "Fresh Garbage" from Spirit from 1968 ---but cleansing is what it is. A friend from the past is the "New Spirtual Advisor" All so weird and so me also. Going to be 40 fucking 5 this year --- this month. Working on a Christmas album - I guess mostly solo and instrumental but this is my newest call. This is what I must do to enhance my life ... and if someone gets inspired also , so my work is done. For now. Crap I really can' t remember that other guys name- Ponch and Sacharelli???

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Time and a Calendar

Did you ever off-handedly cross off a day on your desk calendar? Or a couple, if you were out of the office? Or a month, because the new one has started? Sometimes I sit and think that all those moments, all the seconds and minutes and experience that transpired are gone and will never be repeated. Every joy, every pain , everyone that cut you off on the road but you still made it home safe. Gone....Or is it? Being a somewhat amateur astronomer-(amateur, that is) - I have some times these little drops of thought or insight or whatever they may be construed. In theory all that we do,everything on this planet and all around us expend a certain amount of energy to exist and to create the next moment......But if we were on the nearest star-other than the sun- and I actually mean on a planet orbiting that star which is Proxima Centauri, it is 4.2 light years away. They are just welcoming George Bush as the next President on there T.V. sets (if they had a really good cable connection) and all that transpires is to be unfolded to them as the present - which to us is 4.2 years old already. So to make a thought that is really somewhat uncomprehensible into something my little mind can wrap around, imagine we could travel there, either with our mind or our body and see all that we have crossed off our calendar!!!!!. And expoentially the further out you could travel , you could catch yourself being born. .......But if this really is the reality we live in does it mean that anything ever really de-exists from this dimension or is just caught in a piece of time that we cannot fathom. Unless your, like, a really smart physicst dude. Have a nice day, see you yesterday!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Moving on

Well, With my present house sold now by the landlord, I guess it's time to move along. It would be a lot easier if Robin and Kamyn weren't living with me, I feel that a change was due, so I'll find something that works out and maybe even something that doesn't cost so much to heat!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Awkwardness and Innocence

Well what do I say. I read a book from Joel Osteen and he reaffirms my belief in a higher power but I still seem stuck here. But where is here? Is here the place I needed to be for my daughter and grandson? Is here to try and not care for someone who needs it but doesn't see it? But I can't -I care for all so much. And I still have realized as much as I forgive I still harbor resentment deep down. Sucks. But I know that with the proper spiritual help I shall overcome these obstacles...And I know that the people in my life will be blessed whether they know it or not.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas Songs

I finally got a completed song- a Christmas song- done and put on the net. I actually have people listening to my own works and will shortly be in the process of creating some new stuff to go along with it. Hopefully by this time next year I can have a full CD worth of music ready to go. I find that by keeping my goals a little high, I have to actually work pretty hard to get the proper results, but I do see how it works out in the long run.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Things I Let Slide- Until Now

O.K. The kidnapping in Haiti where the family had a child abducted and recieved a ransom note for $680.00 and because they couldn't pay it, they executed the child. There are several others I have run across that I won't bother going into but what has got me to the idiocy boiling point- I just read the British teacher in Sudan who "named" a teddy bear Muhammad and now has been fired and could be subject to 40 lashes -(What the hell is a lash, who's giving it and with what???) and 6 months in prison plus a fine.
Fine -I respect everyone's religious beliefs. Fine I understand I don't understand the middle east. Fine- Dubai is investing 7.5 Billion in Citicorp because we manage to fuck up our own finances in this country so badly. Fine-- Gas is 3.09 and going up and Exxon/Mobil only has made-Profit- in the last year of somewhere of well over $100 Billion-I believe Profit means that after ALL expenses are paid. Plus that is only one of several companies making Billions after Billions on our cotinuing plan to , well, I really don't know what our plan is anymore, but I do know , we really ought to come up with a better one than the one we have now.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Well, it's only Tuesday, but I thoiught it would be a good day to say thanks. I often think that if we would think and act a little more like this , say in Feb. or March, it might help us keep in touch and a little stronger with family ties.
Saw some friends I haven't since last New Year's, they are really nice and they really are some that I want to keep up with and maybe see 3 times a year instead of twice. That just shows how involved we become and sometimes forget who are friends really are.
Had an early little T-giving with my Mom and brothers last night, we probably won't get together because of work schedules, but seeing each other was a good thing, we have seen more of each other in the last year that we probably have the last 5 or 10. Moral: Don't let time go to far, because we don't have my Dad to be with us any longer.